Postponed Flu Clinics

We received news on the 7th of September, that the flu delivery due on the 20th of September is delayed due to road freight challenges.

An open letter from your Simpson Centre & Penn Surgery GPs

Hello to all our Beaconsfield, Penn, and surrounding area patients,

This past year, more than ever, we’ve all felt the tremendous importance of supporting each other and our community. And our local community – each one of you – has relied on us as your local GPs to stay supported and healthy throughout the pandemic. 

It has been a test for us all. Not least for us at The Simpson Centre & Penn Surgery as we have focussed on keeping you and our staff safe while treating as many patients as possible under very restricted conditions. For us, this test continues – today, we are experiencing a tsunami of new queries and reported illnesses. We are busier than ever before (in fact, around 60% busier than before COVID-19), and as a practice, we need your help. 

But first, we want to share with you some good news.

– Together, we and other local GPs have enabled 44,000 local residents to be vaccinated over the last 6 months. This is an unprecedented volume, and we’d like to thank the clinicians, admin teams and volunteers that made this possible. A genuine team effort.

– This is on top of a tremendously successful drive-through flu vaccination programme over the winter at the Beaconsfield Cricket Club.

– We have hired additional GPs and Nurses to join our skilled team to expand the provision for our patients and help manage the unprecedented demand we are experiencing. We are conducting more appointments than we ever have.

– We have introduced a new online appointment system – in just 9 weeks, the platform has enabled us to manage over 8,500 individual requests, with over 70% of our patients rating the service as good or excellent.

Despite all of this, we must continue to work together more than ever before. Here’s how we need your help:

Tell us what you think: we know there are things you think we could do better, which is why we are committed to constantly seeking your views. If you have 5 minutes, please have your say. Simply click here to go to our survey – it’s a pulse check to ensure we know exactly what you need from us and let us know exactly what you think of the support you are receiving. We’re all ears.

Embrace the new appointment system: Together with many other local practices, we have launched the new Klinik triage appointment system. It is an NHS England encouraged approach for practices to prioritise the tremendous demand and engage with patients digitally for those who can. The system is new, and patients and practices alike are getting familiar with such a significant change – there will be many tweaks along the way to get it right, please bear with us and trust the system – it is working, but we need to embrace it all fully in order to be successful.

Swot up on the appointment process ahead of needing us: please keep an eye on our website for updates on the appointment system as we streamline the service. Urgent appointment requests are viewed by GPs/clinicians, and appointments are prioritised by medical need. You can also use the platform for administrative requests, which is more effective than queuing on the phone.

Consider other local community services: The system makes it easy for patients to log previously unaddressed issues, and the demand is overwhelming. Please remember to continue to use local NHS community services (opticians, pharmacists, NHS online, etc.) for simple ailments where appropriate as per Public Health England advice. Quite frankly, we are reaching a tipping point and ask you to be sensible with what you contact the surgery about when other local fantastic support is there. We must all work together.

Look out for our team: Unfortunately, our frontline reception team continue to receive verbal abuse, which we simply cannot tolerate. We recognise we haven’t always got it right, and for this, we apologise. However, just like you expect us to support you, we expect you to support us. This month, we’ve provided our reception team with new training. We have invited external people to monitor our process. Be reassured that the entire team is committed to answering your queries as best as possible and improving our service.

Finally, please sign up to the distribution list (just let us know your email address) of our Patient Group to receive regular updates about events, changes, and new services. To register, click here.

Together, we have supported each other so much already – so we know, like always, you can continue to help us help you.

The GP Partners at The Simpson Centre & Penn Surgery