New Appointment System

The Simpson Centre and Penn Surgery have launched a new appointment system for all patients using a digital tool called Klinik.

Click here to request an appointment, submit a medical/admin query and more.

The Simpson Centre & Penn PPG – New Appointment System Webinar & FAQs

Key Benefits:

Skip the Queue

You will no longer need to wait on hold on the phone at set times of the day to request an appointment or submit your administrative/medical queries. Klinik will allow you to submit queries at any time of the day (NB. these are only reviewed during our NHS contracted working hours).

Fairer for all

Appointments will be prioritised by clinical urgency determined by a GP who will triage requests.


It is a straightforward system and available on a laptop/ desktop computer, iPad/tablet or smartphone. If you cannot use the online system, you can ring the surgery as normal and a receptionist will log your request.

Private and confidential 

Your data is only accessible to the practice team dealing with your query, maintaining the privacy you are used to.

How does it work?

1. The patient enters their query on the klinik platform which will be available from this website.

2. Once submitted, your appointment request or query, together with the information about your symptoms, will be received by a member of the team who checks the submissions. The GP will assess the urgency for appointment requests and determine the best plan of action.

3. The practice will then contact you for the next steps. This could be a phone call to discuss the case, some tests, or confirmation of a face-to-face appointment with the appropriate clinician. Our priority will always be to book you with your usual GP where possible.

4. All submissions will receive an immediate email confirming the request has been received.

5. All requests are confidential to the Practice.


Is this system only for booking appointments? What about getting results from a blood test?

This system is improving how patients can access appointments and submit medical enquiries, leaving the reception team to be able to deal with incoming calls with more time. If you are waiting for the results of a test (blood or other tests), please use the Patient Access system or the NHS app which allows you to view your own results 24/7. You can also submit a request via Klinik to request results but this can take up to 3 working days.

I want to see a particular GP. Can I do this using the new system?

We will always aim to provide continuity of care that GPs and patients value as much as possible following your appointment request. The first choice will be to book your appointment with your named or requested GP.

However your nominated GP is not always available and thus by gathering information about your request we can ensure the query is dealt with by the right person in the right time frame. It should also reduce waiting time as some things may be dealt with remotely.

I can’t use a computer, and my mobile phone is old. I don’t intend to change it just for this reason.

We understand that many patients might not contact us using a computer; please continue to phone the surgery for an appointment. The reception team will log the request for you.

I find the home page confusing. Can I get some help, please?

If you are having problems, please phone the Practice. The reception team will talk you through the process. Indeed they may make the first appointment with you, so next time you will be able to do it with confidence.

I have tried to use the online booking system, but I don’t want to put my problem on the computer, will that mean I won’t get an appointment?

We understand that there may be some clinical situations that you prefer to talk to the Doctor about. Still, we would encourage you to fill in as much as you can and add something that is embarrassing for you to say. You will definitely be able to have an appointment.

What about Patient Access and the NHS app?

Patient Access or the NHS app will remain the preferred and easiest pathways to order medications and view your test results immediately. You will not be able to book appointments via patient access or the NHS app however.