Our Clinics

Asthma Review

Asthma checks are available with our asthma trained Practice Nurses. Patients should bring in their inhalers and spacers to their appointments.

Diabetes Review

The Practice has adopted the Year of Care Planning approach to Diabetes Care.

All patients with diabetes will be invited to attend annually, around their birthmonth. The first appointment will be with Angie our Health Care Assistant who will do all the necessary Blood Pressure, Blood Tests and Foot checks.

Your results are then sent to you, with a leaflet to help you interpret your results.

You are then, as a follow up invited to attend to see one of the Diabetic Specialist Practice Nurses or GP’s. They will go through all your results and agree with you a personalised plan of your care.

Family Planning / Contraception

All the doctors are qualified to treat and advise on all aspects of contraception. Dr Rakhit and Dr Boundy are also happy to discuss coil fitting and implants.


Antenatal clinics with the midwife are held at the surgery. Doctors also look after their own maternity patients.
The community midwives are attached to the practice and will care for you both in the hospital and at home.
The community midwife may be contacted between Monday – Friday 08:30 – 13:00 at their central office on 01494 425172.