The Simpson Centre is relocating

The Simpson Centre and Millbarn Medical Centre will both be based at the new Beaconsfield Medical Centre. The official opening date of the building is 1pm on Monday 4th July. For updates leading up to the move and beyond, please follow our Facebook page.

The Simpson Centre’s Branch surgery, The Penn Surgery is not relocating and will continue to be based at Elm Road in Penn.

Why is The Simpson Centre relocating?

• Increased number of consulting rooms
• Larger car park and better accessibility
• Community care staff and medical staff will be in the same building – meaning more holistic care
As the population grows, we need increased space to accommodate more patients.
Additionally, the new premises will be able to support any additional or new services needed by local community.

What does this mean for patients?

Whilst the Simpson Centre and Millbarn Medical Centre will be based in the same building, they will remain separate entities, so as a patient, you will still be registered with your existing practice. This means there is no change to the way you book your appointments, you’ll just need to travel to a different location to attend your appointment.

  1. Change to travel
    From Monday 4th July, you will need to travel to Beaconsfield Medical Centre for appointments and if you require the GP based pharmacy. We advise you get familiar with the new location prior to any appointments.

  2. Parking
    You’ll have access to a bigger car park when you visit the new site.

  3. Public transport
    If you don’t have access to a car, public transport is available via local buses and the community bus.

  4. Pharmacy
    There will be a new pharmacy at Beaconsfield Medical Centre which serves both Simpson Centre and Millbarn Medical Centre patients. If you usually get your prescriptions from an alternative pharmacy, you can continue to use this service.

  5. Visiting Beaconsfield Medical Centre
    You’ll need to go to a different area of the building based on whether you are a Simpson Centre or Millbarn Medical Centre patient. When you first enter the building, you should check-in via the new check-in screens which will tell you which waiting room to head to. We’ll also have signage around the building to help you navigate where to go. Maps will be available at check-in and Reception staff will be able to help you. When you first visit, we advise allowing extra time to familiarise yourself with the Beaconsfield Medical Centre.
Beaconsfield Medical Centre: Ground floor
Beaconsfield Medical Centre: First Floor

When are The Simpson Centre and Millbarn Medical Centre relocating?

The first date that The Simpson Centre and Millbarn Medical Centre will operate from is Monday 4th July. Until this date, any appointments should be attended at the existing premises for both The Simpson Centre and Millbarn Medical Centre.

We’ve collated an extensive list of frequently asked questions to give you more information about the relocation. We’d ask you check these before contacting the Simpson Centre directly with any questions.